TechLunch # 18 - Scaling your tech team (31/01/2018)


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Talk #1 From one to sixty (Algolia)

  • Give ownership and freedom to people
  • Implement process when problems arises

New concept : Efficiency = Productivity + vision + focus

Challenges : flat organization: slow to deliver, because a person can be on multiple projects. Hard feedback, because no chief. Problems for onboarding.

Solution: Have squads. With tech leads. Objectives must fit the company vision. Solution: Product managers.

Challenge: Career framework: after 3 years, employees want a vision.

Solution: fix clear objectives for work evolution.

Challenge: onboarding

Solution: clear onboarding plan. 3 weeks short term objectives + quarterly objectives

Talk #2 Engineering at Stripe (Stripe)

2015: 80 engineers / no engineering manager / no product manager

  • Trust is local separation. Absolute trust between devs.
  • Open communication is long range attraction. A mailing list for each team cced on each mail.
  • a clearly stated mission and a simple product is alignment

??? Flocking behavior

⚠️ long range attraction is what broke first

Organisation: hiring / ladders / managers / planning / re-orgs

The bigger the team is, the less value a new engineer adds to the team.

The longer the company, the more employees you need to add to have the same growth.

Talk #3 Gazr (Dailymotion)

Micro services in different languages.

To hide complexity, is just a specification for creating a Makefile for each projects, with the same commands for every projects.

All is done through Docker.