TechLunch #13 Security (28/06/2017)


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Talk #1: SSH hidden features and how to improve security

What people do

  • Username/password Better: SSH key pairs

  • does not check the host certificate

  • using a shared account. Problem: Who did what?


  • ephemeral SSH keys
  • temporary certificates (10 min)
  • centralize user management
  • really be afraid by host certificate alerts

What we do not want

  • ask user to regenerate their key every day
  • make login more difficult
  • reimplement crypto
  • use user management to configure fine grained access to the server


  • SSH has support for certificate
  • can enforce authorized commands
  • can force IPs
  • SSH logs certificate ID
  • since openssh 5.7

Go support certificate creation and signing

New process

  • request a certificate
  • tell SSH to use it
  • use your own account
  • work
  • disconnect


Talk #2: How to hack your neighbor’s webcam

Vu aux Human Talks:

Man-In-The-Middle Attack ARP poisoning


  • nmap (network scan and port scan)
  • ettercap
  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit

Talk #3: Good security is good UX

Bad security is bad UX. A hack make users leave your site, like bad UX

Good security is bad UX. And bad security. Example: password with 10 rules.

Some good UX is bad security. And bad UX. Example: resenting the password in a mail. Confirming email change by sending email to the previous address.

Security theater is bad UX.

Conclusion : security and UX go hand-in-hand